Current projects involving ORFEUS

Project Description
Geo-INQUIRE 2022-2026 Geosphere INfrastructures for QUestions into Integrated REsearch
DT-GEO 2022-2026 Digital Twin for GEOphysical Extremes

Finalized EC-projects involving ORFEUS

Project Description
RISE 2015-2019 Real-time earthquake rIsk reduction for a reSilient Europe
EPOS-SP 2015-2019 European Plate Observing System Sustainability Phase
EPOS-IP 2015-2019 European Plate Observing System Implementation Phase
SERA 2017-2020 Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Reserch Infrastructure Alliance for Europe.
EUDAT2020 2015-2018 EUDAT
EPOS-PP 2010-2014 European Plate Observing System Preparatory Phase
VERCE 2011-2015 Virtual Earthquake Seismology Research Community E-science Environment in Europe
ENVRI 2011-2013
NERA 2010-2014 Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation
NERIES 2006-2010 Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology
EERWEM 2006-2007 European-Mediterranean Infrastructure Co-ordination for Earthquake Seismology
EMICES 2002-2004 Earthquake monitoring and Earthquake Risk in Western Mediterranean
MEREDIAN 2000-2005 Mediterranean-European Rapid Earthquake Data Information and Archiving Network