European Mobile Seismic Instrument Pools

Who we are

The minimum requirements for participation in this group are being defined and will be soon posted here.

Motivation, goals, vision

This group is collaborating towards the establishment of a new ORFEUS SMC focused on the activities of large European mobile seismic instrument pools. Our goals were identified in Grenoble in late 2019, and can be summarised as follows:

  • Enhance availability of instruments for users
  • Improve information about and access to instruments
  • Increase utilisation of the instruments
  • Support large international experiments
  • Improve expertise on and availability of new instrument types

The goals will be achieved by:

  • Compiling and maintaining a live inventory of existing portable instrumentation and availability for renting
  • Collecting and transparently displaying access and data policies, promoting harmonisation where possible
  • Developing best practices, including software tools, for data curation and management for mobile pools, from site scouting to data archival, curation, dissemination
  • Providing support to joint initiatives: data management plans, training of PIs, scientists and technical staff, etc.
  • Promoting the establishment of and coordinating a European mobile pool, and/or pool swap in Europe.

Products and Services

An initial list of products is provided below; more items will be added as they become available.

  • Best practices for field work, data management, and QC of temporary deployments (being developed in project EPOS SP for AdriaArray) - Draft
  • Rules and data-transformation tools to help provide FAIR-compliant OBS data and metadata to data centers - OBS info
  • Mobile instrumentation inventory compiled by J. Diaz in EPOS IP - website