Network details

Network Code: 5F 2018

Network Start Date: 2018/7/31

Network Description: INTAROS temporary Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) on northern Mid Atlantic Ridge (INTOBS). Three OBS were deployed temporarily in the Fram Strait (on northern MId Atlantic Ridge) for one year (Aug2018-Aug2019) under the INTAROS (Integrated Arctic Observat

Network Restricted Status: open


List of stations

Station code Site name Start date
OBIN1 Latitude: 79.099300, Longitude: 1.388800 5F-OBIN1 2018/8/1
OBIN2 Latitude: 78.089300, Longitude: 5.526000 5F-OBIN2 2018/8/1
OBIN3 Latitude: 76.881200, Longitude: 3.326600 5F-OBIN3 2018/7/31