Network details

Network Code: 3D 2021

Network Start Date: 2021/1/1

Network Description: INGV temporary network for seismic monitoring of the island of Vulcano to increase volcanic activity (Sicily, Italy)

Network Restricted Status: open


List of stations

Station code Site name Start date
OEM4 Latitude: 38.409500, Longitude: 14.942200 rete mobile - Isola di Vulcano (Lentia) 2021/10/21
OEM5 Latitude: 38.422300, Longitude: 14.966100 staz. mobile- Isola di Vulcano (vulcanello) 2021/10/21
OEM7 Latitude: 38.482500, Longitude: 14.970700 rete mobile - Lipari M.te Rosa 2021/10/21
OEM8 Latitude: 38.468900, Longitude: 14.916800 Lipari, loc. Fontanelle 2021/11/3
OEM9 Latitude: 38.387900, Longitude: 14.990800 Vulcano Loc. Piano 2021/11/3