Network details

Network Code: 1L 2017

Network Start Date: 2017/6/9

Network Description: Loki Castle Hydrothermal in-situ Experiments and Seismology Surveys (LoCHnESS); OBS; The aim of the network was to record seismicity around a hydrothermal mounds system. The network was therefore designed to be small (diameter of 200m) in order to study s

Network Restricted Status: open


List of stations

Station code Site name Start date
OBS03 Latitude: 73.566100, Longitude: 8.157900 1L-OBS03 2017/6/9
OBS04 Latitude: 73.567000, Longitude: 8.154500 1L-OBS04 2017/6/9
OBS05 Latitude: 73.567100, Longitude: 8.158500 1L-OBS05 2017/6/9
OBS06 Latitude: 73.566400, Longitude: 8.157800 1L-OBS06 2017/6/9
OBS11 Latitude: 73.565800, Longitude: 8.164900 1L-OBS11 2017/6/9
OBS12 Latitude: 73.566800, Longitude: 8.161500 1L-OBS12 2017/6/9