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The recent earthquake information, indicated by the yellow circles below, is provided by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center ( EMSC) and partly based on parametric data from VEBSN stations. Recorded events with a magnitude larger than 3.5 in Europe are shown (use the Show event region checkbox for the specific region).
By clicking on an event and usage of the filtering parameters, the surrounding stations within a specified radius are shown on the map by green triangles.
When Clicking on one of the stations, an ObsPy TauPyModel is used (the iasp91 model by Kennet and Engdahl (1991)) to calculate the theoretical P-phase arrivaltime. Within a timewindow of 20 minutes about this theoretical arrivaltime, waveform data is retrieved from the ORFEUS servers.
An interactive plot of the retrieved data is shown below the map to give an quick overview of the collected data by the station during the event. To get the actual data, use the Get waveform data button in the plot environment.

When using EIDA waveform data, you are kindly requested to refer to the EIDA data contributors.

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Table of 250 most recent events

EMSC Event Identifier Event Time (UTC) Latitude Longitude Depth Magnitude Type Author