Station Latency Status ORFEUS Data Center

This map shows color coded latencies for EIDA stations archived by the ORFEUS Data Center that are available through the fdsnws webservices. Select a station and detailed latency information per channel is presented. The color bar shows the percentageentage of visible stations with a given latency status. Actual latency statuses are derived from Seedlink and are updated every minute. Known issues with stations are indicated and other problems may be reported.

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Low - less than 5 minutes Medium - less than 1 day High - more than 1 day No Information Available
Map showing the ORFEUS Data Center and stations supplying data to the ODC. Average latencies for all channels are shown with colors. Low and high latencies are indicated by green and red station markers respectively. More detail about individual channels can be viewed by selecting a station. The latency status is updated every minute. The map can be filtered using the table below.

Status Average Latency (s) Station Code Available Channels